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Janice's Daycare has OPENED it's new Licensed location in St. Francis,Mn on the corners of Oak Grove and Bethel.

Current Openings- Part time Infant-toddler opening Monday-Wednesday. Full time openings for 2-4 years old. Drop in, Short term and back up care available. Small group size of 4-6 kids a day.

Next Full Time Infant opening-July 2018- I will have 2 full time Infant openings at that time.

Janice's Daycare normal operation hours are 6:30 am - 5:00 pm Monday-Friday. With hours that are flexible to meet families needs. All parents and expecting parents are welcome to come tour the daycare.

For more information e-mail me

This Web-site is still be updated with new location information and pictures. You may also check out the daycare's new Facebook Page

Janice's daycare provides a Home like environment. Set on 5 acres in a county setting. My goal is to provide a fun and safe learning environment for your child, while encouraging social, emotional, and physical development. Your child will receive quality care in a warm and loving home, where your child can feel safe, happy, can begin to build confidence and a positive self image.

I work with parts of several preschool programs year round and incorporate lots of fun activities into their daily schedule that include arts and crafts, free-play, structured-play, music, song and dance, painting, coloring, various creative and educational projects.

Baby sign language is used with Infants and Toddlers as they learn to communicate their wants and needs. I would like to expand the sign language program as I'm learning more signs. I have an Aunt that was born with a hearing loss, she can read lips but sometimes misunderstands. This has inspired me to start learning more about sign language on my own in order that I may be able to communicate better with her. I have also worked with a deaf parents.

We participate in the Child Care & Nutrition, Inc. (CCNI) food Program, providing well balanced nutritious meals and snacks to your child.

I have set up this website with the intentions of it being used by current and future daycare families to learn a little more about Janice's Daycare.

This website is going through MANY changes and updates. Thanks to my husband for making the updates as he can. We still have lots to finish and work on. Please inform the webmaster of any issues you come across or if you have any comments about the website. Thanks for your patience!!

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